E-Safety – July 2020

The safety and wellbeing of the children is paramount at Stanhope Primary School. As we are slowly coming out of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, searching for some normality we would like to make you aware of the latest issues around young people. 

Many young people are using the internet for school work and also personal reasons. On the whole, issues such as knife crime are lower since the beginning of lockdown, but unfortunately there are many E-Safety issues on the rise. 

Please be aware of your child’s activities online as the following have increased. 

  • Inappropriate searches (such as exploitation, pornography etc)
  • Anonymous chat and stranger danger incidents. 

This is having a huge effect on young children’s mental health. It has seen the biggest increase.  



Increasing live streaming of… 

  • Tik Tok- age 15+ – video sharing site
  • Omegle- age 18+- video chat (pornography links)
  • Kik- age 17+- social networking site
  • Discord- age 13+- video chat for gamers
  • Imvu- age 15+ – inappropriate chat
  • Roblox- age 10+ – game creator site with chat 
  • Twitch- age 15+ – gaming and video platform 
  • YouTube- age 13+ – video sharing site


50% of young people say they are gaming to cope with lockdown! 

Check the PEGI ratings for games to see if it is age appropriate. 


A very useful website: www.commonsensemedia.org 

#Fake News

Fake news is on the rise- not all is as it seems!

Which one is Barrack Obama? 


Neither- they have been digitally created! 


Where to report harmful content?

If you need to report anything during the summer holidays, please refer to…



Some useful websites: