23 October 2020
Dear Parent/Carer
If school is informed that there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 at Stanhope Primary School, we would undertake a risk assessment and advice with Public Health and identify anyone in the school who would be classified as a Close Contact and would therefore need to self-isolate. It would be our responsibility to notify those Close Contacts of the need to self-isolate.
During the school holidays, there will be no staff on the school site to take phone calls.
If your child tests positive for Covid-19 over the first weekend of the half term (Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October 2020) please email the following email address as soon as you receive the results to inform the school:
Any Close Contacts would need to be identified as they would then need to self- isolate or 14 days following the last contact with the positive case. If your child is considered a close contact and is in isolation and then goes onto develop symptoms, they are required to get a test and during this time the whole house must isolate until the results come back.
If we are informed of a confirmed case during the first weekend, we will contact the parents of the children who need to isolate. It is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE THAT WE HAVE YOUR UP TO DATE TELEPHONE NUMBER.
If your child or anyone in your household requires a test OR tests positive from MONDAY (26th October 2020) please follow the track and trace guidance. If your child is in isolation when we return on Monday 2nd November 2020, please contact the school and follow the usual absence procedure.
Thank you for all your support over the first half term, all procedures and systems in place at school are there for the safety of your children, the staff and yourselves.
Kind regards
Mrs L A Martin
Head Teacher