Change to staggered arrival times Year 1- 6
Dear Parents,
Thank you for your patience this week when dropping your children off at the school gates at the beginning of the school day. Many of you have commented that the roads are quieter and safer around the school.
I know that many of you were anxious leaving your children at the gate, especially our younger children, but they have done so well and come into school happy and keen to learn.
From Monday 14th September 2020, I would like to slightly reduce the staggered times, therefore the gates will open at 8.45am and close at 9.05am, this is because most of our children are in school by those times.
We are still working on the collection of children at the end of the day, times will stay the same for the time being, but may need reviewing, please bear with us.
Thank you again for your support in these difficult times.
Mrs L A Martin