Throughout February we will be changing our school texting service to a parent app. Within the app you will be able to receive direct messages and attachments such as letters and information documents. In order to receive messages and information from school you MUST download the Parent Hub app. The app will ask you to complete the following steps:


  • Click create an account
  • Enter an email address
  • Create a password
  • Add your first name and surname
  • Click join a school
  • Enter – @StanhopePrimary


After this step it will ask you to do EITHER:


  • Ask you to enter a mobile number, send you a code and verify your child OR
  • Take you straight to the app home screen – you will then need to add your child/ren by clicking the parent hub logo button (top left) and selecting ‘add my child’ and follow the steps


Once you have linked your telephone number to your child/ren, the app will automatically send you messages from your child/ren class.


It is with the upmost IMPORTANCE that the app is downloaded to receive messages/documents from school. If you have any problems downloading the app please contact the school office. You are able to download the app today however you will not receive any messages until February.