Throughout this week, the children at Stanhope Primary School have been taking part in International week. Each class has selected their own Country to study ranging from Australia to the Antarctic!

Year 1 have been studying Antarctic:

Year 1 have had a fantastic week learning all about the Antarctic. They read a book called “Lost and Found” about a penguin who was lonely. Then the children looked at non-fiction facts about the continent. Ask the year1  children to tell you an amazing fact!

Nursery have been studying South America:

Nursery focused on South America and in particular the jungle. They shared a big book called Rumble in the Jungle. They then carried out many activities throughout the week such as animal snap, animal bingo (using descriptive and naming words), cut and coloured patterns on spiral snakes and drew our favourite jungle animal. You can see some of thier artwork along the foundation unit windows!

Year 5 have been studying India:

During the week, the children have been learning new facts about India and some food tasting! They have tried Poppadoms, Mango Chutney and Raita

Year 2 have been studying Italy:

The children in Year 2 have learnt a range of different facts throughout this week. They learnt the capital city, where the Pope lives, the different foods from Italy and all of the children in Year 1 can now count to 10 in Italian!!

Year 3 have been studying Greece

It’s all Greek to me!

Kalimera Everyone!!

Year 3 had a ball during international week!

Monday: We located Greece on a world map and located Athens the capital city! We thought of Geographical questions we wanted to research.

Tuesday: We researched our Geographical questions, wrote an information text and tasted Greek foods! Yummy!

Wed: We designed a Greek menu and decorated a Greek pot.

Thursday: Made a Greek plate and wrote name in the Greek alphabet.

Friday: We wrote a set of instructions how we made our clay plates!

We had a lot of fun learning about Greece and the teachers were really impressed with our work! Yammas!!

Year 6 have ben studying Australia:

  • On Monday, they located key parts and famous places within the country by using an atlas.
  • On Tuesday, they researched different Australian animals (wombats, kangaroos and koalas). Soon they used their research to create a non-chronological report.
  • On Wednesday, the children designed their own boomerangs. They looked at aboriginal art inspired boomerangs to generate their own ideas.
  • On Thursday, they enjoyed testing a variety of Aussie desserts including: Lamington cake, Anzac biscuits, chocolate crackle and pavlova. After testing the delightful treats, the children created their own food review.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed International Week and finished it with a ‘show and tell’ assembly for the rest of the school to find out everything they had learnt in class this week.

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