Celebrity Lifeguard Maxi brings Bondi to Britain to save our kids this summer!


Straight off the beach from protecting swimmers at Bondi, Trent Maxwell (better known as Lifeguard Maxi from hit TV show Bondi Rescue) visited Stanhope Primary on Friday

He talked to the children about how to stay safe near water.

Maxi works as a full time firefighter in Sydney as well as a part time lifeguard and he gave the children lots of information on fire prevention.


“Drownings are on the increase and education is key,” Maxi says, “I want to get the message out to the UK kids before they hit the beach this summer and teach them what I know. If it saves one life the trip will have been worth it.”


Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death in children in the UK. According to the RLSS UK, over 700 people drown annually; that equates to a death by drowning every 10 hours.

Maxi very kindly presented our weekly certificates to the children and signed autographs as well as the books the children purchased.