We have two Mental Health Champions here at Stanhope Primary School who would like to tell you a little about themselves and how they can help.



Hello, my name is Miss Coils and I am one of your Mental Health Champions. Nothing gives me more joy than to see others content and thriving. You will usually find me in the Mindful Moment Room at school where I help our children to feel safe and happy. I have trained as a Mental Health First Aider which means I can support positive Mental Health with low intensity interventions and can provide initial assessment for referrals to appropriate services.


All staff have a commitment to promote the mental health of our children and in addition we have staff with a specific responsibility for the following:

  • Mrs L A Martin – Safeguarding/Child Protection Lead
  • Miss M Coils – Mental Health Lead
  • Mrs J Thompson – Safeguarding and Attendance Officer
  • Miss M Coils – Social and Emotional Wellbeing Officer
  • Mrs L A Martin – CPD lead