Nursery had great fun performing an Autumn/Harvest Assembly for mums, dads and family members. The children adapted so well to change and having an audience. Miss Reed, Mrs Crumbie and Mrs Jilla were so proud of the children for their singing, use of Makaton siging and props. Great work Nursery. Well Done!
Comments from parents:
“Excellent to watch everyone singing together and great to see Ruby progressing.” Ruby’s Mum.
“Fantastic to see Lacey has settled and brilliant to come see her.” Lacey’s Mum.
“Beautiful assembly, lovely to look through Harley’s work (journal) and to see lots of pictures.” Harley’s Mum.
“Thank you for your hard work. I know how much effort it costs. Tymon is very happy here.” Tymon’s Mum.
“Lovely presentation, very impressed.” Dakaota’s family.
“It was excellent and a lovely video. Thank you. I enjoyed it.” Jacob’s Mum.
“We thought the whole presentation of the afternoon was fantastic. Its great to see Alfie’s confidence building. He’s made a lovely group of friends in a great school.” Alfie’s family.

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