Information for parents and carers – partial re-opening of school for

Year 6, Year 1 and Reception Pupils


Dear Parents and Carers,


As we begin to re-open our school, Stanhope Primary School want to assure you that every measure possible has been organised to ensure the safety and well-being for both pupils and staff.


The school has organised year groups into ‘bubbles/groups’, this advice has been directed from the Government and this has been done to reduce contact with others and to reduce the risk of any possible infection. Each group will remain with a designated member of staff for an identified day and time for the remainder of the Summer Term.

Where possible we are requesting pupils to walk to school and if possible avoid public transport. If public transport must be used, the advice is that face masks/coverings must be worn and try to minimise the amount of surfaces that could be touched.

In addition to this pupils and parents should not gather outside the school. We request that parents/carers do not use the carpark, again to reduce the amount of people on our premises.

Those parents who bring and collect their child to and from school, we request that only 1 parent or carer carry out this task. Once arriving at the school gates, members of staff will be there to greet the children and ensure they safely arrive in the building. This is to ensure that the less people on premises, the safer it will be for children and staff. If there is a need to inform the staff about any concerns or issues we are requesting you phone the school office or email your child’s designated member of staff.

Once the children are in the building they will be directed to wash their hands, this is a task that all children will do regularly throughout the day.

In their ‘Bubble’ your child will be shown the routines and systems in place to ensure their safety and well-being. Please be assured that classroom doors and windows will be kept open to aid ventilation. As advised where possible, children will spend more time outdoors, as science informs us the risk of any infection is reduced outside.

Once in their classroom, those children in Year 6 and Year 1 will have their own work-station and they will not share equipment and no resources will be sent home. There will be sanitisers, wipes and tissues in all classrooms. In addition to this, there will be staggered, start and finish times, breaks and lunch times, during break and lunch children will have the opportunity to go outside.

If possible, children are to wear Stanhope Primary’s uniform, but I understand that your child may have grown out of it and would not expect to you to purchase new for the limited time children are in school. Where possible pupils are to wear colours similar to the uniform and it is advised that once children have been in school the clothes worn are to be washed before returning to school the following week.





There will be a trained designated First Aider every day in the school building to carry out the usual first aid tasks that may be necessary. If a child feels unwell they are to let their staff member know, any students falling ill during the school day will need to be collected by their parent/carer immediately.


If a child feels unwell with Covid19 symptoms they must not come to school. If a child feels unwell with Covid19 symptoms while at school, they will be isolated in a designated room, parents/carers will be contacted and they will be expected to come to school immediately. Those children in that group/bubble, will be notified and they may have to isolate for 14 days, including the member of staff.


Please be assured that even though some of these requests do not reflect the usual school routines, however all of these measures have been put into place to ensure the safety and well-being of all who attend Stanhope Primary School. I thank you for your patience and support whilst we have being finalising our re-opening plan.


Kind regards, stay safe,


Mrs L A Martin