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The School Council has the following positions of responsibilities in which the children have been elected to fill, they will fullfil these roles for the following academic year 2017-2018:

 Chairperson: Erika Judd

  • Runs the meeting and leads the discussions.
  • Helps to prepare the plan (agenda) for meetings.
  • Talks to teachers and governors about what the school council thinks and any new activities.
  • Makes sure all Council members have their say.

Vice Chairperson: N/A

  • Makes sure that eevryone who agrees to do something actually does it.
  • Leads meetings if the chairperson is away.

Treasurer: Aston Hall

  • Looks after the School Council’s money.
  • Records any money raised, donated or spent for the school council.
  • Writes down how much money has been spent, what it has been spent on.
  • Reports on how much is left.

Secretary: Lexi Donaldson

  • Takes notes (minutes) at meetings.
  • Helps to prepare the plan (agenda) for the meeting.
  • Makes sure everyone knows when the meeting are.
  • Keeps all the notes safely in the minutes book.

Committee Members:

  • Listen to the Chairperson and contribute their own ideas of their class and vote for any ideas put forward.

Alerting Team: N/A

  • Ensures that all children are aware when school council meetings will take place.