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The children of the School Council were asked to think of three ways they feel they could improve the school and how they could accomplish that. Below is each member of the School Council and their statements:

Hi my name is Ryan and I am in Year 1, I think we can:

  •   Help classes to be able to go on more trips.
  •    I would like children to have more of an opinion on the type of homework they get.
  •    I want to raise lots of money for us to have even more equipment for us to play with at playtimes and in PE.

Hi my name is Ellianne and I represent Year 2 on the School Council. I am suggesting the following for my school:

1.    Once every half term we have friendship Friday. Everyone brings something special in from home and talks about it in a different class.

2.   A suggestions box, this could be put in the hall for people to put ideas in to make things better in school.

3.   Create a board that shows the progress of the School Council projects.

My name is Jayden Stidolph and these are some of the things I am going to try and do with the help of my other school councillors:

  • Encourage my class members and other classes to bring homework, spellings and reading books back daily/weekly.
  • Be nice to my friends and encourage others to be nice too.
  • See if we can have more toys to play with outside on the yard at playtime and lunchtimes.

I am Lilly Bond and the first things I am going to look at, as a member of the school council is the following:

  • I was chosen as a role model and want to help other children in the school act like a role model for their class.
  • Encourage everyone to be honest and trustworthy.
  • Have more friendship weeks encouraging children to be friendly and kind to each other.

My name is Khai and I was pleased to be chosen to represent the school on the school council. I am going to look at the following:

  • I was chosen because I was kind so I am going to try and show others how to be kind to each other so people stay friends and don’t fight.
  • I will make sure that anyone who is feeling sad or left out I play with them or find them someone to play with so they aren’t sad at school.

My name is Grace and as a School Councillor I will try to make the school a better place. I will try and do this by being honest and kind and set an example to all the other pupils in the school. If anyone has any suggestions for ways we could improve the school, you need to tell someone on the School Council. The first Tuesday morning of every half term we could have a coffee morning to raise money for the school.

Hi I am Robbie Frame and as a member of the school council I am going to explore the following:

  • Ensure we have a say in the type of homework we are given.
  • Explore the possibility of having a tuck shop twice a week.
  • Promote that all children are friendly to each other and tackle some of the bullying issues that we certain classes/children face.

Maddison is my name and I am so happy to be able to represent my school on the School Council. As a member of the council I will try to purchase new things/equipment to make our school environment an even better place to be. I will look at purchasing things such as fun games, outdoor equipment as well as educational resources for inside school, this will be done through fun days, sponsored events and other ways we can think of to raise lots of money. As treasurer it is up to me to look after the money and make sure we are raising enough for our projects, allow classes to go on trips as well as fund our school for various educational things.

Hi my name is Kieron and I am so pleased to be on Stanhope Primary’s School Council, the first thing I would like to do is make the outside playground/area better. Lots of people like to play football but there are lots who don’t like to, so I suggest we look to have some nets put around the MUGA. This will allow other children to play without being hit by flying balls and set up other games in other areas of the yard. Also I would like to look at other charity days/events that we can support to raise money for our local community, we already support Remembrance Day and Children In Need but would like to see what other ones we could help locally and nationally.

My name is Kai Muir and I was delighted to be voted in by my class onto the School Council. As a School Councillor of Stanhope Primary I will try and raise enough money to buy some new equipment for the school. I suggest that we start with outside equipment such as football goals, have the basketball hoops fixed, buy some basket balls (enough for each class). I would like to see more after school clubs run after school for children to enjoy. As Chairman of the School Council I will try my hardest to accomplish this and any other requests that are given to me.

My name is Kate I am Year 6, I was so pleased to be elected onto the School Council as well as be given the extra responsibility of being the Vice Chairman. I would like to see more school fairs and fun days to raise money for different opportunities within school such as a homework club as I know how important this is in Year 6. As Stanhope Primary’s Vice Chairman I will support the Chairman and we will work together to do the best job we can for our school and the children in it. I will try and help you all to have a voice and share your ideas with the council.