We have received the following information from Chrissy Hardy (Public Health Practitioner for children and young people)

We would like to share the following message!!

Hi all,

I am writing to you to formally launch our new ‘It’s Okay not to be Okay’ Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign. The aim of the campaign is to start conversations, spread key messages about mental health and encourage young people who are struggling to speak out about how they feel.

The campaign logo and artwork was designed by a group of South Tyneside young people and formally launched at a snazzy launch event at the Grotto South Shields. Young people have already started to promote this campaign and been sharing our logo already on their social media.

I have attached all of the artwork- Can you please use these on your screens, your websites and social media accounts. Can you please use the #STOPTHESTIGMAST so we can see where it is being shared.

Alongside the campaign launch we are also running a competition – we are looking for the most creative image of the tagline ‘It’s Okay not to be Okay’- this can be a photograph, a graphic, a poster- the more creative the better. Young people can enter this competition using the hashtag #stopthestigmaST or by emailing their entries to my email address. The closing date is Christmas Day and there will be prizes for the most creative.

Thanks again for helping to spread these messages