Hi everyone!

We hope you are all well during this difficult time. We have created this page to help with your well-being. Keep an eye out for new material which will be added weekly.

Home learning activities

Activity 1 – Age 4-5

Activity 1 – Age 5-7

Activity 1 – Age 4-7

Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May) is fast approaching and the theme this year is KINDNESS.

The Mental Health Foundation has a brand new challenge launching on the 1st of May called ‘Take Action, Get Active’ to get you moving and feeling good, whilst supporting your well-being.
Our challenge is all about being kind to yourself, by taking 30 minutes out of every day in May to do something physical. You can be as creative as you like with this challenge – as long as you are moving! Some examples include:
· Exercise – Running, Yoga, Pilates – you name it
· Baking – get those arm muscles working
· Gardening – this can be a great workout too
· Dancing around in your kitchen to your favourite songs (you know we all do it!)
Send in your photos/videos of you doing your 30 minute movements and remember to have fun and be silly!

Movements guidance

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