This week in English we have been reading the book, “Ten ways to Save Our World”. This is a non-fiction book which has taught us all about recycling! We had lots of questions about how we could recycle, so we used to I Pads to do some research. We made notes and today we have made our own posters using all of the boxes, cartons and recycle things you kindly sent in from home. Here are some of our posters.
Yesterday Year 1 celebrated World Book Day. Thank goodness it wasn’t snowed off! We read Mrs Barker’s favourite book, “What the Ladybird Heard Next” and Mrs. Hasan’s, “The Gruffalo.”
Then we thought of all our favourite story characters and made a bookmark to take home. We had a little competition and were so proud of all the children’s efforts, that they all got a treat. However Gracie and Jacob received an extra “dip in the box” for fantastic work. Well done everyone!




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